Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I'm famous!!! Sort of...

I have some exciting news to share! An article I wrote on the Horsely Park Promotional Endurance Ride is going to be published in the Hills & Hawkesbury Equestrian News Magazine as well as the NSW Endurance News. Even better, I've been invited to write more endurance-related articles for both of these publications to help generate interest in the sport. Needless to say I'm thrilled to bits! This is a wonderful opportunity for me to give something back to the sport of endurance and it combines my two passions - writing and horse riding.

Both these publications target different audiences. The NSW Endurance News is distributed to a list of subscribers, mostly members of the NSWERA (that's the NSW Endurance Riders Association in case you were wondering). An online version is also available on the NSWERA website which can be accessed by anyone. It's very endurance focused, with previews of upcoming rides, reports from recent events and any items of interest to the endurance community. The Hills & Hawkesbury Equestrian News is distributed to a much wider audience, usually via local businesses. It's a free publication which covers a broad range of equestrian activities in the Hills & Hawkesbury region such as dressage, showjumping, and breed shows just to name a few.

I'm looking forward to writing articles that readers from both publications will find interesting and informative. I'd really like to hear your suggestions and ideas on what topics I should cover! Here are a couple of possibilities I'm considering for my next article.

  • Training & preparation
  • Vetting procedures
  • Strapping tips
  • Nutrition
  • Gear & gadgets
  • Ride reviews
  • Interviews with top endurance riders
  • Interviews with organisers
  • Interviews with ride vets
  • Interviews with first timers

Make sure you check out the next NSW Endurance News online and grab a copy of the Hills & Hawkesbury Equestrian News when it comes out. Yours truly will be gracing the pages!

Me and Opal sharing a moment at the Horsely Park Promotional Endurance Ride
Photo courtesy of Jo Arblaster

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