Friday, January 31, 2014

The next generation

So I realise I haven't posted for a while and this is largely because I don't have a competitive endurance horse at the moment. Why? Because I'm waiting for her to grow up!

A few months ago I blogged about my new endurance horse Opal who I used to breed a beautiful filly I named Taliah. Well, Taliah is just over 2 years old now and she is every bit as beautiful as her mother. She has Opal's elegant neck, clean legs and expressive eyes. Her father Jim also passed down a few characteristics, like strong hindquarters, an athletic body and (rather unfortunately) a scraggly tail. Taliah might only be 14.2hh at the moment but she is full of personality, chasing the other horses around the paddock and even stealing food from the 900kg steer! Her reign as queen of the paddock has come to an end though as I've brought her in for some additional handling in preparation for breaking her to saddle next year.

I'm very excited to see what this bossy filly is going to be capable of when she grows up. She looks set to mature over 15hh and with her nothing-can-stop-me attitude she'll be a force of nature on the endurance track!

Taliah at 2 years 3 months of age

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